Length                      :120,150,180 cm

Width                        :16,18 cm

Thickness                 :14mm

Finishing                   :8 coat UV

Flame Retandancy   :B1

Surfaces                   :Solid ( No Stripes)


   Are being produced by laminating marine plywood with water resistance and 2mm - 5mm real wood layers . Finishing process is being done by 8 coat U.V varnish. Brushed and Natural Oiled surfaces are possible on this product. 

   Desired colours by customers can be applied during the finishing process. 


  • By the thickness of the surface, engineered Parquets can be scraped and refurbished.

  • Strong strike and scratch resistance by U.V finishing. 

  • Humidity control, water and spark resistance. 

  • Easy installation with click system.